Heat pumps NeoRé F

The NeoRé F heat pump is able to control heating or cooling of family house, heat up domestic hot water and control two heating circuits together. There is a possibility of secondary source connection.

Obviously the heat pump is equipped by backup electric heater 6 kW, web server and graphic touch screen. The NeoRé F heat pump consists of a quality Czech indoor unit and Japanese Fujitsu outdoor unit.

Inverter NeoRé F heat pumps belong to air-to-water heat pump category that means they use thermal energy from the air and transfer it to the heating water in heating system. The heating system ideally consists of underfloor or ceiling heating with which is the efficiency of heating system on the top level.

How does
air to water heat pump work?

Special liquid called refrigerant is charged between the indoor and outdoor units.
Liquid refrigerant passes through expansion valve, where is changed to gas state. This way it takes an energy from the air, because the refrigerant has always lower temperature than the environment.
Refrigerant go on into compressor where is the temperature increased by compression up to 60°C
In the end the refrigerant condenses in the indoor unit exchanger and transmit the energy into heating water
obrázek NeoRé T

TOP properties

Saving up to 20%

Automatic weather-compensated control – saving up to 20%.

6 kW backup heat source

Obviously the heat pump is equipped by backup electric heater 3 x 2 kW

Ecological refrigerant R32

All NeoRé TG heat pumps operate with R32 refrigerant.

3 reasons

Why choose NeoRé F heat pumps

Heating and cooling

Heats during winter, chills during summer. Come to visit us

Technical support

With Neota Route service, you can access your pump remotely whenever you need it.

For family house

The NeoRé series is designed for heating, cooling and domestic hot water heating in family houses.