Heat pumps air-water

The NeoRé heat pumps are a quality Czech product which is supplied to the Czech market from 2007. This long tradition and our own development are a guarantee of reliability and continuous innovation which are the top priorities of our company together with a quality service.

How does
air to water heat pump work?

Special liquid called refrigerant is charged between the indoor and outdoor units.
Liquid refrigerant passes through expansion valve, where is changed to gas state. This way it takes an energy from the air, because the refrigerant has always lower temperature than the environment.
Refrigerant go on into compressor where is the temperature increased by compression up to 60°C
In the end the refrigerant condenses in the indoor unit exchanger and transmit the energy into heating water
foto Venkovní jednotka tepelného čerpadla NeoRé vzduch-voda

With heat pump you gain

Savings in operating costs

You can save 50-70% of the costs compared to the original heating system.

Energy from renewable sources

Thermal energy is obtained from air and is transferred to water

High coefficient of performance

Coefficient of performance runs between 3,45 – 4,15

3 reason

Why choose heat pump air-water


You can control your home from a phone. Doesn't matter if from business trip or from the comfort of your coach

Technical support

With Neota Route service, you can access your pump remotely whenever you need it.

Ecological refrigerant

All NeoRé TG heat pumps operate with R32 refrigerant.