About us

Neota CZ s.r.o. was founded in 2007 as the successor of the company founded in 1992. Neota deals comprehensively with heating for houses and mainly using renewable sources such as wind or solar energy. Since 2007, our interest focused on the production and development of inverter heat pumps NeoRé, which now represent our core product.

Compact air-to-water heat pumps NeoRé are characterized by excellent technical parametres, high efficiency and wide operating ambient temperatures, enabling year-round use with very quiet operation thanks to Japanese Fujitsu and Toshiba outdoor units.

The device bearing the NeoRé trademark are designed with the ease of installation, thereby reducing the total investment to purchase a heat pump. The constant progress in the thermal technologies and improvement of our existing products do not hamper the investment in the development of new series of heat pumps, in which we try to reflect the requirements and demands of the end customers.

Effective energy of nature to your house!

We are traditional Czech producer

Development and production has been running in the Czech Republic since 2007.

We prioritize quality ahead of quantity

Long-therm focus for a product and services quality.

Our approach is fair and transparent

Do not buy a pig in a poke. Come to visit us.

Your vision and needs with our quality team and technology will turn into reality.

foto Venkovní jednotka tepelného čerpadla NeoRé vzduch-voda

Our technology also conserves nature and your finances. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services and thus the maximum satisfaction of the end customer as well as the installer.

We specialize mainly on the Czech market for which we annually produce over 400 pieces of heat pumps. Other interesting markets for us are Norway or Poland, Belgium and Slovakia where we are successfully expanding.

We specialize in

  • air-to-water heat pumps NeoRé with inverter technology
  • underfloor heating
  • ceiling heating/cooling
  • air conditioning
  • design, consultancy in the field of water/heating

Awards and certification of the NeoRé heat pumps

  • The NeoRé heat pumps are certified by the State Engineering Testing Institute.
  • Some of our NeoRé T16 heat pumps received European Quality Label.
  • We received award Product of the year for our heat pump NeoRé 11 HP at the exhibition MODDOM 2010 in Bratislava.

We are members of Refrigeration and air conditioning technology association.

We are bearers of European Quality Label.

We are ecological company, we sort waste and we are involved in the EKO-KOM system.