Floor heating

Hot water underfloor heating is the most widespread heating system for family houses. This system can reduce power consumption for heating due to the low temperature decay of the system and ensure a sence of thermal comfort in a heated building.

This heating system is known for a very long time and it became one of the most favorite and effective heating system in the world. The principle of the underfloor heating principle is heat radiation from hot water tubes drawn in the floor. All surfaces in the house are heated evenly, so the system efficiency is really high. For heating is used large low temperature area. The temperature of heating water is about 30°C – 40°C in heating season. That ensures continuous pleasant temperature in your house which is around 21°- 22°C. Thanks to this effective and economical operation of heating system, you will save your expenses.

Advantages of hot water underfloor heating

Energy saving

Easy and quick installation

Optional composition height


Ideal combination with heat pump NeoRé

Heating and cooling option in one installation

more pleasant and healthier environment

Using of hot water underfloor heating doesn´t impair the architectural appearance of the rooms